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Eagle Express, Inc.

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March 1, 1982

The first delivery. The beginning. The big moment. And just in case you’re wondering – yes, it was on time!

March 1, 1983

New owners, new vision, new adventure. It was a time before websites and online ordering. A time of handwritten delivery orders, phone calls, hard copy signatures. Sounds like an eternity ago, eh?

1983 was the year. The Dobreys were the family. The big moment? Taking controlling interest of Eagle Express. And they haven’t looked back since. Family-owned, Dallas-raised, service-minded.

Our primary leadership team has been together since the very beginning.  Its management style is hands-on, and since they’ve been with us since the early days, they are logistics experts and customer service gurus. From making deliveries to designing our website and promoting our brand, family and good old-fashioned team work are the secret sauce behind Eagle Express.

What’s Changed, What Hasn’t?

The most obvious? Technology. Our nearly 40 years have seen unbelievable technological changes. Gone are the days of giant desktop computers. Hello to the days of handheld devices that can track your package from start to finish.

In the early days, we would handwrite every order on a dispatch ticket. Dispatch sent the order via pagers to the drivers. Yes, I said pagers. For the younger folks reading this, give it a quick Google. Yes, they existed!

Our drivers’ lifelines were MAPSCOS – basically GoogleMaps in paper form. Large, cumbersome and now relics.

In 1999, we purchased dispatch software that enabled us to take orders and dispatch from a screen. Game. Changer. From there, we have updated and upgraded to keep our service fast and top-notch.

Today, customers enjoy ordering jobs from a desktop, smart phone, tablet or even by calling us directly. You can track orders in real-time and be alerted when a delivery is complete.

What does the future hold? The same thing the past has held. Staying ahead of the technology curve, serving with friendliness, and maintaining our deep passion for logistics – one delivery at a time.

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