Painted Sky Alpaca Farm and Fiber Mill

Painted Sky Alpaca Farm and Fiber Mill

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For over 48 years, we thought we were living the American Dream by running our own family-owned fulfillment business. We worked hard, had great clients, awesome employees, and had a very successful business. We thought life was great. We worked day-in and day-out as most business owners do. But the corporate world started changing and where your hard work and the quality of the services you provided didn’t matter to your clients as much as the nickel they could save, we realized it was not such a satisfying world to be in. We had a nice lifestyle but our lives no longer felt fulfilled. Something was missing.

So in 2002, we decided it was time to make a life change. We had always dreamed of having our own farm where we could raise and care for our horses (Frosty and Jason), find some peace and quiet, slow down, relax and enjoy life. 

After looking around for a bit, we found a beautiful 20 acre farm in Cecil County, MD. It was perfect. So we promptly sold our home, packed up our belongings including our two sons (Christopher and Steven), two horses, and three Labrador Retrievers, and hightailed to our farm. It was the best decision we ever made. 

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