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Scope of Job Descriptions:

It is our goal to make clear to each employee what their responsibilities are to Lighting Logistics and help
them to solidify in their minds what they can do to best perform their jobs. Some of the benefits of Job
Descriptions are they improve an organizations ability to manage people and roles clarifying
employer expectations for the employee; provides a basis of measuring job performance; provides
clear description of role for job candidates; enables pay and grading systems to be structured fairly;
essential reference tool for discipline issues; and provides important reference points for training
and development areas.

Purpose: Provides customer service support to the organization by obtaining, analyzing and verifying the accuracy of order information in a timely manner. Initiates and/or implements corrective action as needed in order to ensure that an excellent standard of service and a high level of customer satisfaction are
maintained. Prepares customer service summary reports. Co-ordinates the handling of difficult and/or unusual situations.

Key Responsibilities:

Check email daily for incoming loads from customers
• Take incoming calls from customers acquiring load information
• Receives, processes and verifies the accuracy of order from customers utilizing Courier
• Provide customer with status reports on progress of loads
• Assign customer login giving access to online Courier Complete
• Update Courier Complete when load is completed, correcting pricing and finalizing
• Manage and resolve customer service issues as they arise
• Establish and maintain good working relationship with drivers and customers
• Quote rates to customers
• Provide customer with summary reports upon request
• Provide customer with copies of Bill of Ladings (proof of delivery) upon request
• Participates and provides expertise as a member of the customer services department to
increase the accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness of the department as a whole

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