Stay connected to your supply chain

Locadaa Trax’s visibility solutions improve global supply chain operations through actionable data insights to the location and shipment conditions. Locadaa Trax’s solutions enable vast cost reductions by automating insights and alerts to reduce manual tracking efforts, allowing operators to focus on more important and inspiring tasks.

Easy to implement

Our solution is easy to start: simply activate, connect, and attach our tracker to your parcel (or pallet, crate, container, truckload, etc.) and then enjoy the benefits of receiving data insights in real-time! Locadaa Trax’s solution is built to reduce operational risks and manage costs more effectively through actionable data. Client use cases include some of the following: theft prevention, location geofencing, and storage and transit conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, and shock detection to be aware of conditions that may harm or reduce the integrity of your assets, all at prices that are affordable even at the parcel and pallet level.

Affordable and reliable

Our low cost, noninvasive, disposable trackers with long battery life (up to 3 years) use mobile networks, and/or BLE for transmitting their data. It can monitor, transmit, log the asset’s location and conditions data while in use and send accurate coordinates with timestamps when it is at any mobile network covered area around the world. And all these benefits are possible at prices as low as $5 per shipment. Contact our sales team if you are interested to try our solution.

Globally connected

We securely deliver your data, cover more than 170 countries for global tracking and provide stable long-range connectivity.

Locadaa Trax Platform

Locadaa Trax’s decentralized platform is a web-interface that allows clients to manage their trackers data and receive actionable insights and alerts from it. Within the interface, users can securely monitor their trackers, see data flows and statistics, and visualize data and extract reports for deeper analysis. See for yourself, schedule a demo to learn more!

Locadaa Trax Sensors

Our disposable trackers receive data about your assets from package to ship/plane level. We offer two types of tracking solutions to manage IoT applications in different business areas: real-time monitoring and conditions logging during the delivery process.

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