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What is section 321 for and how can it help my e-commerce company?

Locada Admin Answered question October 19, 2022

Many shipping logistics items should be taken into account when importing goods into the United States to ensure successful delivery. International taxes, import levies, and customs all have a significant impact on anticipated shipping costs. Employing effective shipping techniques ensures long-term cost savings, particularly with international shipments.

Due to US Customs and Border Patrol’s (CPB) somewhat complicated laws and regulations, there have been attempts to simplify shipping procedures. Section 321 allows companies in certain circumstances to avoid paying taxes and tariffs on certain imported goods. The primary prerequisite under Section 321 is that the shipment must have a value of $800 or less (also known as the de minimis). Additionally, each day is limited to one shipment sent to one address. Multiple shipments are prohibited and may be subject to fines. A comprehensive understanding of Section 321 will undoubtedly allow businesses to operate at a profitable advantage.

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