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Introducing Locada’s ShareSpace, the ultimate tool for landlords, commercial real estate owners, and brokers looking to monetize their extra space. With our platform, it’s easy to list and rent out your excess storage, an empty retail store that can be used for storage, empty offices, a garage, pallet bays, cold storage, and other commercial spaces on a fractional basis. Simply create a listing on our site, specify the price and any additional services you’d like to offer (such as pick and pack or inbound/outbound receiving), and start earning income from your unused space.

Locada draws from the economy of efficiency and brings more efficiency to commercial spaces, giving you the opportunity to rent out your extra space to those in need. 

Whether you have a warehouse with a few pallet bays to spare or a storage facility with excess capacity, our platform makes it easy to put your extra space to work for you. Try Locada today and start earning money from your previously underutilized commercial space.

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