Technology/Web Services : EDI, Supply Chain Design
Logistics Services : End-to-End Logistics
3PL Additional Services : Assembly, Freight management, Fully automated fulfilment, Kitting, Packaging, Return processing, Warehouse and distribution
Product Handled : Automotive, Electronics, Food, Medical Supplies, Pharmaceuticals
Areas Served : US Only

Founded in 1993, with a new state of the art, Class A warehouse built in 2015, with over 1.5MM cubic sq. ft., and the most sophisticated advanced technology available today- multiple laser scanners, QR codes, finger print security technology, 21 loading docks, with a state of the art Warehouse Management System. Our facility is equipped with the latest in conveyor design, allowing us to fill e-commerce orders in under 6 hrs., bulk orders within 24 hrs. Our systems technology was built in house

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