a2b Fulfillment, Inc.

Technology/Web Services : EDI, WMS
Logistics Services : Inventory Management, Vendor Management
3PL Additional Services : Assembly, Cross Dock, Packaging, Warehouse and distribution
Website : http://a2bf.com
Product Handled : Retail
Areas Served : US Only
Tagline : Logistics and Supply Chain
Annual Revenue : 50000000

Since 2001, a2b Fulfillment has been helping companies work smarter by outsourcing business support services, including order fulfillment, customer care, and value-added solutions. Its specialized solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, while reducing operating costs through a variable model. With more than 680,000 square feet of warehousing and contact center space in the United States, a2b is able to service the majority of consumers and retailers within two days. Its same-d

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