Chipman Relocation & Logistics

Transportation Services : Air Cargo, Bulk, Expedited, Intermodal, LTL, Ocean, Rail, Truckload
3PL Additional Services : Assembly, Break Bulk, Packaging, Strapping, Trucking services - local, Trucking services - Long distance, Warehouse and distribution
Product Handled : Building Supplies, Electronics, Furniture, Machinery, Medical Supplies, Retail

Five years before starting Chipman Moving & Storage in 1939, Arthur left the farms of Iowa with a few coins in his pocket to pursue a better life in San Francisco.  After finding a steady job painting submarines at Mare Island Naval Base in 1935, Arthur began moving service members across the base in his pickup truck for extra money.  As soon as his part time job produced more revenue than his full time job, Arthur embarked on his dream of being an entrepreneur, opening up his own moving busine

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