CJ Logistics America

Technology/Web Services : Global Trade Management, Supply Chain Design
Logistics Services : End-to-End Logistics, Global Trade Services, Logistics Process Reengineering
Special Services : Foreign Trade Zone
3PL Additional Services : Freight management, Trucking services - local, Trucking services - Long distance
Product Handled : Automotive, Food, Records
Areas Served : Global

Korean cultural content has become a worldwide phenomenon, so much so that it is not even surprising to hear the news that BTS’ latest release entered the Billboard charts. Fans around the world are learning Hangul, singing along to K-pop songs, dressing up like their favorite Korean actors, and are willing to try out the games they have seen in TV dramas. Riding the tide of this global sensation, the volume of shipments for relevant goods is also rising. Let’s look into the connection between

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