Technology/Web Services : EDI
Logistics Services : End-to-End Logistics
3PL Additional Services : Assembly, Freight management, Fully automated fulfilment, Kitting, Warehouse and distribution
Product Handled : Chemicals - Hazmat, Chemicals - Non hazardous, Food, Medical Supplies, Pharmaceuticals
Areas Served : US Only

Since 1906 one or more Fauré Brothers Corporation facilities  has been providing quality distribution and warehouse management services. 

Faure Brothers Corporation is the parent of three 3rd party (public) subsidiary warehouse operations.  The CEO and President is Amy Faure-Crohan – a granddaughter of one of the early operators and founders.  Amy’s father, Emile F., and his brothers, Lloyd and Herman took over the original business, Great Lakes Warehouse, when their father, Emile C Faure, r

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