Overflo Logistics

Technology/Web Services : Supply Chain Design
Logistics Services : Logistics Process Reengineering
Transportation Services : Bulk
Special Services : Foreign Trade Zone, Labor Management
3PL Additional Services : Assembly, Break Bulk, Freight management, Fully automated fulfilment, Kitting, Packaging, Return processing, Same day shipping, Warehouse and distribution
Product Handled : Automotive, Electronics, Food, Retail
Areas Served : US Only

OVERFLO was founded on July 1, 1979 by Herman F. Timme, Gary S. Timme and William F. Timme, (Herman’s two sons). OVERFLO purchased a small warehouse business which was insolvent and operating at a loss since it’s inception. The business had 4 customers in the 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Shortly after our takeover, the three of us, Herman, Gary and Bill, began operating the warehouse business personally, doing all the manual and administrative duties ourselves. We were the forklift operators, t

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