Store And Ship It

Store And Ship It
Storage Services : Bulk, Package
Business storage
Technology/Web Services : WMS
Services : Warehousing and Distribution
Areas Served : US Only
By Unit Size : 10'x 10' - Medium, 10'x 15' - Medium, 10'x 20' - Medium, 10'x 25' - Medium, 10'x 30' - Medium, 5' x 10' - Small, 5' x 15' - Small, 5' x 5' - Small

StoreAndShipIt is built on a singular guiding principle: to help small and medium-sized businesses scale by offering technology-driven fulfillment solutions that enable business founders to devote more time to the things that matter the most in their businesses. In other words, we help companies stress less and grow more.

With reliable storage services and connected technology that powers our fulfillment network, we help improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers..

StoreAndShipIt helps you determine optimal inventory placement across our growing fulfillment network to improve delivery speeds and reduce shipping costs. You can scale effortlessly by distributing inventory into additional warehouses over time.


Gary A

Easy to work with & efficient. Storeandshipit – Logistics is a standout 3PL partner, distinguished by its ease of collaboration, deep industry knowledge, and exceptional customer focus. Their user-friendly systems made shipping smooth, and their team’s expertise in supply chain nuances significantly enhanced our operations. Most impressive is their customer-oriented approach, always responsive and proactive in addressing our needs, making StoreAndShipIt an invaluable asset to our business.

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